Week 10

What did you do this past week

This week, my IDB group finished phase 2. I helped the back-end team with the importing script and creating the restful endpoints. I also finished the front-end with Jinwook. The front-end was very easy for this phase as all we had to do was call our restful API for the json data and Smart-Table did most of the pagination and filtering work for us! I also set up the PostgreSQL sever on google cloud. That phase was also easy as I already had a database with the tables ready and I did a pg_dump() on my local database to get a .sql file. Then, I imported it to our google cloud PostgreSQL server.

What’s in your way?

Nothing really hard or scary is in my way. I just need to finish the last month of school. Then off to my summer internship and my summer class!

What will you do next week

I will meet with the back-end team to discuss how to implement the search feature with flask and discuss how we will use another group’s API.

This class

This week, we finished talking about MySQL queries. We learned about Sets, aggregation, insert, delete, and update. I actually wished we learned about update earlier because on Wednesday, Jinwook and I had a problem with our database where we needed to update some rows that match a specific attribute. We spent a ~30 minutes googlinng how to accomplish this. We ended up accidentially deleting the desired rows instead (LOL). Then, the next day we learned about update. Ironic isn’t it.

Tip of the week

If you need two easy but fun CS classes this fall, I recommend Programming for Correctness and Performance and Modern Web Applications. These two classes are taught by good professors but they are easy. Note, that Modern Web Applications should actually be Java Enterprise Web Applications as you will learn all about the Spring framework.

Written on April 9, 2017