Week 13

What did you do this past week

Nothing much this week. I mostly worked on my Software Design project. The project is about data flow through pipes and threads. It’s been tough so far my partner and I but we are confident that we can finish it. I finished my last unit for Accounting and sadly, my final score for the class ia 89.5%. The professor does not round up grades so I will be getting a B+ in the class.

What’s in your way?

Two exams! Both exams are on thursday. One exam for SWe in the morning, and one later in the afternoon for security. The SWE exam will be harder for me because the material is harder for me. But, I need to score higher on the security exam to secure an A. Dr. Young (who teaches security) doesn’t do +/-. Which really sucks for me because I have to score well to avoid a B.

What will you do next week

Study! Study! Study! I will be meeting with my IDB group to study for the SWE exam. I will have lots to cover and review.

This class

This week in class, we watched lectures and presentations from groups in the class. My favorite lecture was the Beautiful Soup one. It seems really useful and I want to use it for one of my side projects for this summer. My favorite presentation was the Game of Thrones.

Tip of the week

Remember to stop your GCP or AWS app after the class is finished so that you can save some money for future use!

Written on April 30, 2017