Week 5

What did you do this past week

This past week, my teammate and I finished the last bit of the Netflix project. We had already finished the core of the project the previous rating, achieving an RMSE of 0.97 and a running time ~20s, and had just done the last few requirements (creating the documentation, running coverage, etc.). Overrall, I really enjoyed the Netflix project. I enjoyed working with a teammate through pair programming as it made the project much easier because we were able to combine our ideas to complete the project.

What’s in your way?

I have my first midterm this week for Software Design this thursday. I am currently studying for it and hoping that I do decent on it. My accounting class has gotten into the main part of the class. The unit that I just finished was about the core accounting principles of creating a balance sheet. I did not do well in the quiz for this accounting unit and I fear that I might struggle behind in my accounting class.

What will you do next week

I will prepare and study for my Software Design midterm that is coming up this Thursday. After the exam is over, I will study for the exam in this class. I will review the python code and skim through the readings.

This class

On Tuesday, the class had a guest speaker from Bloomberg, Houston Putman. Putman talked about working at Bloomberg and what he does there. I thought it was very interesting that Houston was working on an open source project at Bloomberg and the fact that Bloomberg even uses open source software and not their own in house product. Neverthless, it was neat listening to Putman talk about his work and the presentation that he showed us was neat as well.

On Thursday, Dr. Fraij was out so our TA, Seth, lectured us more about functions and more on their specifics. Functions in python seemed to be really quirky and seem to do different amazing things that wouldn’t be allowed in Java. At the end, we were introduced to classes in python. Mostly, classes in python work the same way that they do in Java with a few minor exceptions.

Tip of the week

Clean your keyboard! If you code at home with a desktop like I do and have an expensive keyboard, make sure to clean and maintain it. I had just recently cleaned mine after months of not cleaning and I was disguisted at the mess that I allowed to accumulate on my poor keyboard.

Written on February 19, 2017