Week 6

What did you do this past week

This past week, I mainly studied for my Software Design Exam. I took the exam on Thursday and it was okay. I expected it to be much harder but it turned out okay. I hope I got at least a C in the exam. I also got my score back for the Netflix project, and I am happy to say that my partner and I got 70/70 :).

What’si n your way?

The midterm for the exam this Tuesday! I will brush up on my python and plan on re-reading the XP book. I will mainly practicing by writing python code and viewing over my notes and the notes on the class page.

What will you do next week

The first half of the week I will be studying for the SWE exam. The latter half of the week I will spend catching up on the work that I skipped by studying for the exam. Actually, I might just do the work in my other classes (mainly CS361 and ACC310F) when I get bored of studying for SWE (theres only so much python I can take!).

This class

We got to the bulk and core of classes in python this week. I was surprised that we also jumped to inner classes in Python. It seems like inner classes are a very common thing in Python even though I rarely seen it used in Java. We also looked at how the range method worked and we also wrote our own range function. My solution involved an inner class but there is also a simple iter() solution as well.

Decorators were introduced in class and I am very confused on them. However, I do not plan on researching into them until after the exam. Most likely Wednesday night (could be a quiz on Thursday :x).

Tip of the week

To my fellow SWE students, find a study buddy or group for the exam! In the past for my classes, studying with a friend or a group is the best way to study. You can reinforce your knowledge and learn topics that you are not great at.

Written on February 26, 2017