Week 7

What did you do this past week

This past week, I studied and took the first exam for this class. It was what I expected and was very fair and not took difficult. I am a little sad that I only referred to my cheat sheet about three times during the exam even though I spent a good amount of time writing it to perfection. The coding problems were fun and tested our knowledge very well. The problems from the reading also tested the important parts of the readings.

What’s in your way?

This next week is going to suck. I have to start finding a group for the next project (IDB1) and hopefully my group can get started on it asap. I have a programming assignment for both Software Design and Intro to Security. I have started on the Security assignment but I got stuck on it and will have to continue on it later. I also have an exam for Intro to Security that I will study for.

What will you do next week

Find a group for IDB1. Get started on IDB1. Finish my programming assignments for Software Design and Intro to Security. Study for my exam in Intro to Security. Hopefully survive!

This class

Tuesday was the exam. Don’t think I’m allowed to talk about the exam. On Thursday, we had a guest speaker, Conrad, from MutualMobile. He talked about what he and MutualMobile do. He showed us how to write, desing, and debug, software projects. I wasn’t very interested in his iOS and mobile app parts because I am not interested in writing mobile applications, but I paid close attention to the end. Overrall, his presentation was good and informative, but it was kinda very long (it felt longer than the Bloomberg presentation).

Tip of the week

Earlier this week, I needed to print a scholarship application out and get it mailed. Well, it turns my ink toner ran out of ink. Like, the only that could be printed were little black spots. I walked to the GDC (it’s a 15 min walk from my apartment) and printed my application. So my tip of the week is to keep track of how much ink you have left in your toner!

Written on March 5, 2017