Week 8

What did you do this past week

This week, my group and I finished the first phase of the IDB project. The front end team (me and Jinwook) finished the making the website with static data. It was easy for me because I have experience using AngularJS in my summer internship. We had some difficulties with aligning a picture with CSS but overrall it was easy and fun. Also, setting up the Google App Engine server was painless as well. I liked using Slack because Slack offers github integration, channels (we have a channel for front-end and back-end), and a nice way for everyone to communicate with each other.

What’s in your way?

I am debating with myself if I want to come back to playing World of Warcraft. There will be a new patch coming out this Tuesday and I really want to come back, but I have lots of school work to still left ahead. But at the same time I want to come back and start playing again as playing WoW is one of my favorite things to do.

What will you do next week

Next week, my team will meet again to start phase 2 of IDB. I will be helpin the back-end team work on getting the data from the government API to make our database and to create our API. Jinwook and I will start testing out pagination. We will just have very large static data while we wait for the back-end to complete the API.

This class

This class, we finished the last two joins in ThetaJoin and NaturalJoin. We also learned about XML. I don’t know why we are still learning XML as JSON is better because it is more readable and simple and most APIs are using JSON instead of XML (but many offer both). I guess because a lot of applications still use XML as their config file like Java spring projects and android projects in eclipse.

Tip of the week

A great software for linux distributions is Shutter. It’s the equivalent of the snipping tool for Windows. It makes it very easy to take a crop of your screen. I like it better than pressing Print-Screen on my keyboard, opening GIMP, copying to GIMP, cropping, saving, and exporting as PNG/JPEG.

Written on March 26, 2017