Week 9

What did you do this past week

This week, the front-end team (me and Jinwook) created the pagination feature for our tables. Although we don’t have the API yet from the back-end, we created large static blocks of data. We use a AngularJS module call Smart Table that makes it very easy to do a table set up with large amounts of data. The module also feature a search/filter for each table and does pagination very easily. It also has a lot of advance features as well such as on scroll pagination, moveable headers, etc.

What’s in your way?

I have a software design exam coming up this thursday. I feel that it will be a hard exam because the material that we’ve been covering is confusing. But, I will be studying and reviewing the material with a friend and I always do better when I study in a group. Also, I have not been paying very much attention in my Intro to Security class. I’ve just been breezing through the lastest material. I did poorly on the last quiz. Even though the quizzes are worth very little (less than 10% of the final grades), I still feel bad for doing poorly on one of them. After my Software Design exam and phase 2 of IDB, I will be going back over and reviewing the security material so I don’t fall behind.

What will you do next week

I’m just waiting for the back-end team to gather all the data into a database and create an API for the front-end team to use. The front-end team can’t move on until the back-end is finished with setting up the database and finishing the API Rest calls.

This class

This week, I learned about regular expressions for the very first time ever! I was always confused looking at regular expressions and what the different symbols mean. Whenever I needed to use a reg expression, I just searched my specific expression in google and hope there is a stackoverflow page. I finally understand regular expressions after seeing them all the time. Also, we started on MySQL relations. I would have preferred to learn PostgreSQL as that is what we are using for our project (is there any difference?). We learned about the basics such as create and select but as well as joins (inner, left, right, etc) as well as subquereies.

Tip of the week

At the end of this week, I learned about the tuition rebate that the state of Texas offers for graduation seniors.. You can earn a $1000 rebate if you meet the requirements of not having taken more than 3 hours required in your degree plan. My 2014-2016 BS degree plan is 127 hours, so I cannot taken more than 130 hours. There are some weird rules regarding what counts as an ‘hour’ but you can find more here.

Written on April 2, 2017